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Case Studies
Narcotic Crime
The State of Illinois accused Mr. Levy's client of delivering five kilograms of cocaine to undercover police officers; the defendant faced 15 to 60 years in prison if convicted. Although the defendant gave an oral statement to police admitting his involvement in the matter, Mr. Levy's efforts at trial on behalf of his client resulted in a "not guilty" verdict on all charges. In addition, Mr. Levy also worked with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) to drop its case to deport Mr. Levy's client, who remains in the country.

Attempted Murder/Armed Violence
Mr. Levy's client - accused of attempted murder, armed robbery, armed violence and aggravated battery- faced six to 30 years at the Illinois Department of Corrections if convicted. The state argued that the defendant was involved in a gang-related incident in which three gang members allegedly assaulted a rival gang member with a large piece of concrete. After a four-day trial, Mr. Levy secured a "not guilty" verdict for his client on the attempted murder and armed violence charges.

Felony DUI
Facing up to three years in prison, Mr. Levy's client was accused of felony driving under the influence for his fourth DUI. The court found the defendant "not guilty" of felony DUI at trial and, although found guilty of a misdemeanor charge, Mr. Levy successfully argued that his client receive no jail time.

The State of Illinois accused Mr. Levy's client of illegally entering his ex-girlfriend's house and taking jewelry, cash, and other valuables. Although an eyewitness allegedly saw the incident and identified the defendant in a photo lineup, Mr. Levy's efforts at trial resulted in a "not guilty" verdict of all charges of his client.